Aiden’s Early Birthday Party

I’m not really sure when I am going to have my mastectomy, but I sure don’t want Aiden to miss out on his birthday so I decided to let him have an early birthday party. His 11th birthday isn’t until March 16th, but I didn’t want to take any chances. He has had a rough couple of weeks since I got my breast cancer diagnosis on Feb. 18th … it still sounds weird saying it. I have breast cancer. *ugh* I have breast cancer. Nope. Doesn’t get any easier.

Anyway, I have so much on my mind and plate that I couldn’t do a large party, but I let him invite three of his closest friends and I took them to Skyzone in Columbia, MD and then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We had a great time.boyspary1

Of course with everything going on, I opted to not jump, instead I sat on the waiting benches and took a selfie. I find that I am doing that more and more these days … I guess because I know that soon, not sure when, but soon, I will lose my breasts and lose my hair.


But today wasn’t the time to focus on the negative. We got out of the house and we had a great time! I am so happy to have a day that I was able to enjoy without thinking of the dreaded “C-Word.”

I am really working hard so Aiden can have some semblance of a normal childhood. He’s been watching me be stressed and sad since I got my diagnosis last month. He needed this as much as I did.

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