The BRCA Results Are In

March 7, 2016 – the day I’ve been waiting for since my first appointment with my oncologist on Feb. 19th- my BRCA results are in. Today is the day that I will know what treatment I will be getting.I prayed and prayed for negative BRCA results. Me winning a billion dollar lottery was more likely than me being BRCA negative, but a girl can hope.  Not only do many women in my family have breast cancer, many others also carry the BRCA mutation gene. I am no different, I am BRCA positive. I tested positive for the Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome (HBOC) … because, honestly, why not?

The discussion with my oncologist was pretty short. I already knew that I was choosing my treatment based on science. So, I chose a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

I called my first breast surgeon’s office because I needed to get a referral from her before I could make an appointment with the other breast center. I waited all day for her to call me back, it was infuriating. I understand that doctor’s, and let alone surgeons, are super busy. But at this time I got my first mammogram in mid-January, I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer on February 18 and not only did I have breast cancer, I have triple negative, aggressive breast cancer. It is now March 7th and in my own head, cancer is spreading through my body and I am going to die. I know, it’s dramatic, but it’s how I feel.  And not at all how cancer works … it spreads fast, but not that fast.

Finally, late in the day I got the referral and I call the breast center. I have to see the breast surgeon and a plastic surgeon and the soonest they can get me in for a consultation was March 17th … 10 more days. It doesn’t sound like much, but I promise you, minutes feel like hours.

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