Mastectomy: The Removing of My Breasts

I had the first of what turned out to be many surgeries on April 20th. I went in for my double mastectomy with reconstruction; it’s technically called bilateral mastectomy with delayed-immediate breast reconstruction. They were removing my breasts and then placing expanders behind the tissue in my chest with the goal of slowly expanding my skin … Continue reading Mastectomy: The Removing of My Breasts

A Night in The Emergency Room

Last night was the absolute worst! After an extra day in the hospital, I finally got to go home Friday night. I was still in pretty bad pain, but I was walking on my own and it didn’t hurt (as bad) to breathe.Well, that was short lived. As Saturday day went into evening, I got … Continue reading A Night in The Emergency Room

Mastectomy in Two Days

My bilateral mastectomy with partial reconstruction is coming up in two days and … I don’t want to. My anxiety level is about 492-million-and-67. I know that I have triple negative, invasive, aggressive breast cancer. I know that my BRCA tests were positive. I know that I have a rich family history of breast cancer. … Continue reading Mastectomy in Two Days