Surgery #4: Removing the Expanders

Well, I gave it the good old college try. I have endured some of the most excruciating pain of my life with these expanders. My body has been rejecting them from the beginning, but I really, really wanted to keep them in so I can get my breasts back.

I decided that I can no longer take it. It hurts to breath, I am hunched over in pain and can hardly walk, I can’t lie down and to top it all off, they won’t even begin to begin “expanding” me until after I get done with chemo!  I have about five months of chemo coming up and I can’t even start the chemo until my chest is healed … a month later and I’m no better – at all.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some days that the expanders are TOLERABLE, but those days are very few and far between.

This sucks. I mean, my plastic surgeon did warn me that there is a CHANCE that my body will reject the expanders because they are “foreign objects” inside me and my body may try to fight them off … but I figured that wouldn’t happen. After all, so many women in my family have had this procedure done with no issues. I was warned that they’re not very comfortable, but told that I’d get used to them.

Trust me, this is NOT discomfort, this is excruciating pain. I hate having these expanders removed because the reconstruction is A) going to be delayed until … hell, I don’t know, after I heal, after I finish with chemo and B) according to my surgeon, it’s going to be a much more invasive procedure and going to take more time to heal.

More time to heexpander-removed-23-mayal?!? It’s been over a month since my first surgery and I’m still a mess.

Having the expanders removed was pretty quick, as far as surgery goes it was only about 45-60 minutes, but I ended up being at the hospital for about 6-7 hours for intake, recovery, etc.

I will tell you this … now that these damn things are out of my body, I can breathe! I can walk without feeling like someone is squeezing my chest. I know down the road I’ll probably be mad that I had to have these things removed … but for the love of God…now that they’re out, I feel great! This is my fourth – and hopefully LAST – surgery in a month. I was supposed to have a double mastectomy with partial reconstruction and that was it …

After my bestie and I left the hospital, we went to WalMart to grab some ibuprofen and then stopped by Golden Coral to eat … and I was able to eat and enjoy it!

I figure this will suck later, but for now … I feel relief for the first time in weeks!

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