Chemo Treatment #2

Today was my second chemo treatment. One of my good friends brought me and we stopped at Ihop for breakfast. I have been struggling to eat, everything still tastes like metal – especially beverages – but I can sort of taste the food and enjoyed (as much as I could) some pancakes and eggs. We … Continue reading Chemo Treatment #2

I Lost My Hair Today

It’s not like I didn’t know my hair was going to fall out … I just didn’t expect it to happen so fast – and all at once. I’ve only had one chemo treatment and it literally has only been three days since my hair started to fall out. Now … it’s gone. My hair … Continue reading I Lost My Hair Today

After My First Chemo, I’m So Overwhelmed

It’s been two weeks since my first chemo treatment on June 9, 2016- a lovely concoction called  Docetaxel + Doxorubicin + Cyclophosphamide (TAC). All this is finally becoming real … and I’m not ready.  Not that it wasn’t real before. Trust me, I went from a 40DD bosom to not having any breasts, four surgeries, … Continue reading After My First Chemo, I’m So Overwhelmed

Stitches Come Out Today

Today I got my stitches out from having those wicked expanders removed. I am feeling a little better – the nausea has finally seemed to subsided a bit. I am so happy – after 2 months to finally not have stitches in my chest! My plastic surgeon spoke with me a little about alternate reconstruction … Continue reading Stitches Come Out Today

On The Eve of My First Chemo Treatment

Just shy of four months after being diagnosed with Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Aggressive Breast Cancer and with four surgeries from April 20th – May 23rd, I am sitting in the recliner in my family room crying. The stitched area across my chest, where my breasts used to be, is still sore from all the surgeries. But … Continue reading On The Eve of My First Chemo Treatment