Chemo #3

I had my third chemo treatment today … I always work hard to put on a cute outfit and scarf and do my make-up. I am still having a really hard time with the chemo.chemo33 After my first treatment, I was only sick for about 4 days, after this second treatment, I was sick for about 8 days – my sickness time literally doubled.

After my last treatment I went in for anti-nausea IV and fluids … it felt ok the day of, but then the next day – Saturday, 3 days after chemo I was doubled over and sick as a dog again.

I talked to my oncologist and he suggested a few options: they could once again adjust my chemo dose, or maybe that my body couldn’t handle such aggressive treatment and instead of giving me all the chemo drugs at once and having treatment once every 3 weeks, that they can give me 2 of my chemo drugs bi-weekly for 5 more weeks and then 7 weeks of weekly chemo for the other chemo drug. NO!

As much as this sucks and God does it ever suck. After today’s treatment I am halfway done. I have three more treatments over the next few months … I will get through this.

chemo3I’m glad that my friend Jina was able to come with me again. We always have a great visit when we’re there for chemo. We also had breakfast again before we came. I do my best to enjoy it because I know that for the next week it’ll be only Ensure, cucumbers and watermelon for me.

I’m sick as hell, but I am halfway done.

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