Chemo #4

I had my fourth chemo treatment today … I am halfway done and after today I only have 2 treatments left! The nausea is continuing to get worse and I’m realizing that by day 3 after chemo, I am absolutely miserable.

I have my chemo treatments on Thursday, I come in on Friday’s for 4-5 hours of fluids and an anti-nausea IV, but by Saturday I am so done. I am so sick that I can hardly get out of bed. Everything continues to taste like metal, none of the anti-nausea pills that I fought so hard to get are working, I just lay and stay sick.

Today is also my last day meeting with my oncologist; he is retiring next week and I won’t see him again, so he transferred to an oncologist in the same practice. I’ll totally miss Dr. Katzen, he has been wonderful, but I’m sure he’s leaving me in good hands.

I talked to him again about the sickness and told him that breaking up the chemo and thus extending it was not an option … so I asked if next time I could push my chemo to Wednesday and then come in for fluids and anti-nausea IV Thursday and Friday. By now I have realized that day 3 after chemo is the worst and it currently falls on a Saturday and there’s just nothing I can do about it.chemo4

He thought it was a good idea and brought it up to my new oncologist who also agreed that it was a good idea … so next time I’ll be at my oncologists office for about 15 hours in 3 days, but hopefully this will help with the nausea.

My friend Alicia brought me to chemo today … I cannot believe I didn’t take a selfie with her! I am kicking my own butt!  But we had a wonderful time and just talked and talked and laughed and laughed. I know Alicia from my son’s football team, we’ve always been cool, but we never really sat down and talked and today … we had a ball and even after all the hours at chemo, we were still talking so we decided to stop by Longhorn Steakhouse for a late lunch since we didn’t have breakfast. The nausea hadn’t set in yet, so it was a nice lunch, although I was only able to less than half of it.

Tomorrow I go back for fluids and the anti-nausea IV and I am praying this round isn’t as bad as last time. But if it is, at least next time I’ll have 2 days of fluids and my anti-nausea IV.

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