My Breast Cancer Is In Remission

Today is a day that I will never forget! I got the amazing news that the chemo worked and my breast cancer is in remission!  October 12, 2016 is one of the best days of my life. I suppose that it’s only fitting that I finish my chemo treatment during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because now, my goal in life to bring even more awareness and provide love and support to all cancer warriors and survivors.remission-2

This has been a horrible journey, and one that unfortunately, I had to walk mostly alone. But I survived this deadly disease! I have a lot of titles in my life: Mom, daughter, sister, friend, veteran, volunteer, professional, graduate … but SURVIVOR is by far one of the best.

From start to finish, this has been a 10-month process. Ten months sounds like a long time, but going through it, it really went by so fast. Well, I suppose not the beginning when I had to wait for doctors, surgeons and test results … those days were so long. But once I had my double mastectomy I April, it flew by. Most because I was so sick and so medicated that I really didn’t realize how fast things were happening.

Then, once I started chemo I literally lived one day at a time and I was so sick that once I finally got feeling better it was time for another treatment. It was hell. It was painful. But it saved me. I survived. I am still feeling pretty sick from that last round of chemo, but I am just so happy that I am done and I survived!

I met some aweremission-daysome friends along the way at chemo … and my friend just so happened to be getting her final chemo treatment today so I was so happy to get to share my news and sit with her … and they were awesome and got me balloons to celebrate!  I may have lost some friends along the way, but I also gained new ones.

Praise the Lord … My Cancer Is In Remission! At times I honestly didn’t think I was going to survive this disease. Today was a wonderful day!

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