Surgery #5: New Boobies

Today is the day.

I’m laying in bed and staring at the clock.

In just a few hours I’m going in for part 1 of my breast reconstruction – again. Today my surgeon will cut my chest open again and insert the breast tissue expanders. This time he’s inserting them over my chest muscles, rather than under them and I’m also getting my chemo port removed! The whole procedure should take about 3 hours, then they’ll be sending me home, which I think is crazy, but at least I’ll be in my own bed

If you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that after I was diagnosed with triple negative aggressive invasive breast cancer last year I had a double mastectomy with partial reconstruction.  Basically, once they removed my breasts, they inserted the tissue expanders to begin the reconstruction process. Unfortunately, my body rejected them and after a few extra surgeries, many extra trips to see my surgeon, a few nights in the ER, and being readmitted to the hospital, they ended up removing the expanders because I needed to get my chemo treatment started. Then, after I finished chemo and beat cancer we’d try it again. And here we are.

It was a hell of an experience and one that I pray doesn’t happen again.

My surgeon thinks putting them over my chest muscle will be better for me, in addition, he reminded me that I no longer have cancer, plus I’ve healed from my mastectomy so my body isn’t trying to fight off a deadly disease and my body isn’t dealing with a trauma. Also, I’m in a good place mentally and I’m working out everyday and losing weight, so I’m getting into a good place physically.wish+me+luck

I am trying to stay super positive… But I’m also scared. Having this surgery will really put me on the road to recovery and I’ll be one step closer to putting my breast cancer behind me and growing as a person.

Wish me luck!

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