Paint Job From Hell – Update

I said I’d write an update about my paint job from Hell let you all know how it all played out.

So after sending the very detailed email to the company (see link above which contains the full email) about the poor quality of work, along with 30 pictures, on Sunday I waited for a response. However, before going to bed I checked my online bank account and although I authorized and had a receipt for $497, I had a pending charge from for $758! I immediately called Navy Federal (they’re a 24/7 bank) and told them that I didn’t authorize $758, only $497 and they advised me to email them the receipt and they’d credit me back the $261. So now, I had 2 rooms in my house destroyed that I have to pay the other company I hired to fix, plus re-buy 2 gallons of paint (at $74.99/gallon), now they’ve overcharged me for what I didn’t authorize! Talk about flaming mad and not being able to sleep!

So Monday, I went for my first breast expansion in Annapolis and after that appointment (which will be my next blog) my mom and I went to lunch. We’re walking by the water in historic Annapolis and my phone rings and it’s Steve from, mind you, I haven’t yet emailed or called to complain about the overcharge since I was just going to handle that through my bank and I just couldn’t take much more drama.

**Just a few of the photos, I have many, many more**

So, I told him about the overcharge and he said he’d fix that, then for my “inconvenience” he said they were going to give me $150 off the job, so the total I’ll pay for that trash is $347. I was like are you serious!?!? That’s not worth $1, not to mention the wasted paint I have to re-buy, the supplies your guy made me buy, the horrible work, and the fact that I was fraudulently charged an extra $261. You know what – I’m done -dot-com.

Even after sending that detailed email with 30 pictures of how they destroyed those rooms in my house, then fraudulently charging me for what I didn’t authorize, that’s all they would do to make it right.

In addition, during that conversation, he tried to put it on me, telling me about how I said I wanted it done fast. No. I wanted it done when they said it was going to be done. When I contracted the job, they said it’d be  a one day job, but no more than 2 days, but I was being charged by the hour and the day…Of course it took 8 hours to paint 1 room.

I was on a busy sidewalk and I just couldn’t handle this stress anymore so I just said “if that’s all you think that it takes to make this right, your company is even more of a rip off than I thought. Have a good day.” And hung up.

I thought that was the end of it – it was a very expensive lesson – but I’m recovering from surgery and this stress is causing me too much pain so I just gave up.

But it wasn’t the end! Yesterday I was waiting for the Salvation Army to come pick up a donation of old furniture and my phone rang. Typically I do not answer phone numbers that I don’t recognize, but I assumed – wrongly – that it was the driver telling me he was on his way or something, so I answered.

It was the painter – not the company, but the actual painter. He first started off nice enough, but I told him the work was unacceptable. He then said, “I don’t care nothing about your cancer, your sickness, whatever. This is business and you’re affecting my pockets.” (I never said anything during that call about my illness, he knew of it because we chatted while he was in my house slopping I paint on my walls). I told him he was affecting my pockets too, with all the supplies I had to buy, paying for that bad job, and then paying to have it redone – not to mention having to re-buy the paint.

He then started yelling at me that I wasn’t right for not paying him for his time and his labor. I told him I resolved the issue with the company so he needed to take it up with them, but he just kept yelling at me.

I finally interupted his rant and said “This is harrassment! You’re harrassing me by calling me and I will be reporting you personally to the FTC, BBB, and the company. Don’t ever call me again.” And hung up.

I was so angry that I was shaking! I sat down to calm down for a minute, because I was very shaken, before calling the company to report his behavior.

Then I get a text from the painter, “Thank you for the compliments, I’ll see you soon.” Which I take as a threat. I’m not a dumb person, I can read between the lines. I didn’t give him compliments … And he lives over an hour away from me, I will not be seeing him soon – unless he plans to come to harass or harm me, my son, or my property.

I immediately saved his contact info and the screen shot of the text and I began emailing the company so I can tell them about this incident and send the screen shot.

About that time my phone rings and my caller ID shows so I answer and thought it was Steve, the guy I’ve been dealing with the past few days.

I just start talking a mile a minute because I’ve gone from angry to legitimately fearing for my safety and safety of my son. This painter knows my health is bad, I’m a single mom, and where I live.

The guy on the other end finally got a word in. He’s the VP of Operations and he had decided after seeing my pictures and emails that the job wasn’t worth $347, and was going to give me a bigger rebate. However, after I told him about the harrassment and the text, he told me that he’s giving me a full refund, plus letting the painter go – the job was bad, and the VP wasn’t happy about it, but the harassing phone call and threatening text was completely unacceptable.

I told him that I truly fear for my safety and he told me he’d pay the painter something to go away and to never contact me again. In addition, he apologized profusely. He stated the painter never should have accepted the job and that the whole thing was just handled completely wrong from the beginning – which was exactly my point from the start. He genuinely listened to my concerns and wasn’t just saying things to shut me up or appease me. After that discussion, I felt very happy that did listen and eventually they did their best to make it right – which is all I wanted them to do from the beginning.

In addition, he told me if I ever reconsidered giving their company a chance again, he’d give me a discount. However, I think after all this, I’ll have to decline – I don’t want another handyman destroying my house and then calling and harrassing me and sending me threatening texts.

I saved the screen shot, forwarded it to the VP, shared in my personal Facebook page, and called the Charles County Sheriff Department.

Unfortunately, they can’t do anything about a threat, only an actual crime. I’m happy to have a security system, a great guard dog, and neighbors I trust.

I’m also happy the company did their best to make it right by giving me a full refund, but this never, ever had to escalate like this.

No one should ever have to deal with stuff like this … But taking advantage of a sick person who is recovering from surgery and then harassing and threatening them, that’s an all new low. But I will not let it steal my joy. This situation has consumed so much of me for the past few days and I’m starting to feel very sick again. I have to put it behind me and move forward. On a lighter note, the new company came in and they are doing a wonderful job! They’ll be back this weekend to paint the upstairs – and fix my son’s room and the Jack and Jill bathroom!

Here are a couple before and after pictures of the NEW company.



I did a little remodeling too.

After a very hard battle with triple negative, invasive, aggressive breast cancer, a double mastectomy – a total of 5 surgeries, 4.5 months of chemo, and just being sick and stuck in the house for almost a year (with 2 more surgeries to go)…I needed a change. I was so tired of my house! Now, I feel like I have a brand new house. I can’t wait until the upstairs finishes getting painted this weekend and hopefully in a few months, when my health is better, I’ll move on to the kitchen project. I just need to make sure I hire the right person the first time.


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