Breast Expansion #2

I am so excited to be moving right along with my breast reconstruction. Yesterday I had my second tissue expansion. I’m now halfway done with my expansion; I have 400 ml of saline in each breast.

I was mistaken in my last blog post when I stated that my surgeon filled me with 200 ml of saline at time of my surgery and my first expansion was 75 ml of saline. I found out yesterday, that my surgeon had filled me with 250 ml of saline and my first fill was only 50 ml. However, I haven’t been feeling too much pain with the breast tissue expanders, as opposed to the first time I had them, so my Physicians Assistant (PA) filled me with 100 ml of saline in each breast. So that puts me at 400 ml of saline per breast, which means I’m halfway done!

After a year, I’m actually beginning to get breasts again … And cleavage! I sort of feel like a 12 year old girl all over again!


At this pace, I will be ready for the second part of the surgery – the permanent implants – in 4-6 weeks! I can’t speak definitively because I’ve been told it gets more painful as the skin is expanded more and more. Currently, I’m scheduled for Expansion #3 next week.

I was so scared when my surgeon wanted to put the expanders back in for the second time, but I’m so happy it’s working this time.

Last year, right after I turned 35 and coping with the news of having with triple negative invasive, aggressive breast cancer; a bilateral mastectomy; failed reconstruction; chemo; being a single mom; working; no family on this side of the country … And now being 36 and coping with breast reconstruction and working has been a lot. Overwhelming much of the time, but I am happy that I’m finally making real progress and healing – both physically and mentally. I have a long way to go, but I’m definitely getting there. One step in front of the other.


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