What Can I Do About These Mastectomy Scars?

I’ve been cut in the same place across my chest four times in less than a year. Granted, my amazing plastic surgeon was able fix my mastectomy scar a bit during this last surgery. He removed those gross “flaps” off my sides and was able to make the scar a little thinner – it was super wide (not sure if you can see that in the picture)


But still, my scars run pretty deep, due to the double mastectomy, implanting expanders, skin and other infection, expanders removed, then cut open again to put the expanders back in. Ugh, just thinking of the last year of my life and all this cutting and surgery in the same place makes me sad – proud that I was able to endure it, but sad, nonetheless.

Anyway, my breast expansion is going well, but these scars are pretty horrible. They hurt externally and I hate looking at them so I asked my Physician’s Assistant (PA) if there was anything I could do for these mastectomy scars. She recommended bioCorneum, which they told me was available exclusively at doctor/surgeon offices and that it’ll really help with the scars. However, at the time of writing this I did a Google search for bioCorneum and it looks like it’s for sale on eBay and Amazon. I don’t know if those are surgical grade or the same thing (it looks similar), but this is your body and your scars… You can decide if you want to try to purchase from your surgeon or from another site.


Since my scars are very large, I have scars from the drains, plus where my chemo port was inserted, then removed, they advised I purchase the larger bottle, which was $120.00, and in my opinion, it’s not that large, it’s only 1.73 fl ounces.

20170330_204755Apparently, you just need to apply a tiny bit and make sure your scar is completely covered. What they told me was, “do not slather it. If it’s not completely dry in 5 minutes, you’re using too much.”

You’re supposed to use it twice daily for 60-90 days, once in the morning and once in the evening.

I’m writing this now to show what my scars look like prior to using this product. I’ll update my blog as I go along to let you know if it’s worth the investment or not.

Scars prior to using bioCorneum, morning of April 1, 2017.

I’ll keep you posted!

If you have any advice for dealing with the scar – physically, visibly, and/or emotionally, I’d love to hear from you.


I caveat this by saying I’m not ashamed of my scars; I accept them, and am a very proud breast cancer survivor. However, they’re a stark reminder of the lowest part of my life and although I can’t rid myself of them – nor do I want to – I would like them to be a little less visible.

4 thoughts on “What Can I Do About These Mastectomy Scars?

  1. My plastic surgeon told me that the scars will fade with time, and that because my skin is so pale they will barely be visible after awhile. I know I can hardly see the scar from my ankle surgery now. It was ten years ago that I had that surgery, but I don’t really remember when the scars faded. It’s been awhile. I’m older than you are, though. I’m more concerned with what I look like in a tee shirt without a bra than what I look like naked! Good luck and let us know how it goes!


    1. I definitely will keep everyone posted. I’m 36 and single and hope one day to meet someone special, I don’t want them to be freaked out by the scars … Or worse, treat me like I’m patient or like something is wrong with me. It shouldn’t matter, but I’ve been out of the dating game for several years and I think it might? I’m not sure


      1. Well, I have kids your age, so you probably know what I would say, right? If that matters to them, then they aren’t the right person for you. So perhaps it could be a litmus test. Your scars are marks of courage. Was it you who said you were thinking about getting a tattoo right along the scar line?


      2. No, I’m only planning to get 3D nipples tattooed on. I don’t have any other plans for tattoos other than that


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