Items to Include in a Chemo Care Package

When I was going through TAC chemo for my triple negative, aggressive breast cancer people asked me what I wanted or needed during that time. I didn’t really know what to tell them, other than “not to die,” because I felt so sick – physically and mentally.

However, now that it’s been (almost) six months since completing chemo, I’ve decided to make a short list of items that your friend or family member may want/need when going through chemo.

– Bag of assorted hard candy (fruity)

– Ensure (they have chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Find out their favorite flavor)

– Adult coloring books and crayons

– A soft blanket to take to chemo

– Soft socks to take to chemo

– If they have a family, gift cards for restaurants

– Mail them a card every 2-3 weeks. Chemo is scary and lonely and eventually your loved one may not be up to having company, but the power of a card that just says “I’m thinking about you” is amazing

– Saltines and ginger ale or Sprite

– Soft chemo cap

– Healing lotion

– Chapstick

– Antacids (Tums, Rolaids, or other chewable)

– Cooling pillow

– Pretty scarf/head wrap

– Inspiational breast cancer support T-shirt

– Inspirational breast cancer support necklace or bracelet

– Easy to maintain flower or plant

– Balloon

– The book Chicken Soup for the Cancer Soul

– A book of motivational poems or short stories

– Support them. Even if you’re not able to get them a gift and they may not be up to a visit or call – call anyway – leave a message that you’re there for them. Send a text message at least once a week, again, they may not be up to responding, but believe me, when they see it they will be thankful – and when they’re done with chemo – they will definitely remember who was there (and who wasn’t)

If you’ve got other chemo care package ideas please share them in the comment section. Breast cancer affects so many women and most people want to help but don’t know how…so let’s help them to help our fellow cancer warriors.


2 thoughts on “Items to Include in a Chemo Care Package

  1. I did get gift baskets with most of these things, and I loved them. But I would add escapist fiction. Sometimes you’ve got to stop reading about cancer and inspiration and just get away from it all in your head. Genre dependent on the individual, but getting wrapped up in a good story has been really helpful to me.

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    1. That is a great suggestion. I wasn’t able to read much during chemo because I often got so sick looking at words and screens – but you’re right! Anything to escape the reality is a great suggestion!


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