My Final Surgery

Tomorrow, September 7, 2017 I’m having my final breast surgery. I’m excited and extremely nervous at the same time. Tomorrow, my surgeon is removing the temporary breast tissue expanders and inserting the permanent silicone implants.

It’s been a hell of a ride since getting the call to come in for a follow up mammogram back in January 2016. My diagnosis of triple negative, aggressive, invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer on February 18, 2016; my positive BRCA 1 results in March 2016; the bone scans, CT, MRI, blood tests and and waiting for results making sure the cancer didn’t spread. The bilateral mastectomy with partial reconstruction, the multiple infections and complications and extra surgeries the first time I had the breast tissue expanders because my body rejected them. The 4.5 months of TAC chemo therapy that made me so nauseous; put me in an early – and thankfully temporary, menopause and the hot flashes that went with it; everything tasted like metal, salt and chalk (in that order); hair, eye brow and eye lash loss; head rashes; mouth sores (inside and out); being in so much pain, I could hardly walk because my bones felt like they were crumbling from the inside out; dry, broken skin; indigestion; and so many other side effects, sickness and pain from the chemo…

After all that, I’ve got surgery #6 – my final surgery – on my chest tomorrow. Just saying it out loud…whew, that’s a lot. I just had a lot of complications with the breast tissue expanders the first time, back in April 2016, then the extra surgeries trying to fix the infections, ultimately removing them so I could begin chemo, then, my last surgery, having them put back in on March 7, 2017…my anxiety was in overdrive for that surgery. Thankfully, that surgery went off smashingly, other than some issues with the anesthesia.

I went through the breast expansion process and now…it’s time to put the permanent implants in. I’m over the moon that this is the last time my chest is being cut into. And after tomorrow, I don’t have anymore lingering surgeries hanging over my head.

I can physically heal from the surgeries, but I can also really begin to mentally heal and look forward to my future…not stress about another surgery, treatment or procedure. And I have so many plans for my future!

Not looking forward to the surgery and recovery period…but I’m definitely looking forward to the results and putting this disease behind me once and for all.

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