It’s Been Awhile

Wow … it’s been over four months since I’ve written and A LOT has happened since then!  My final breast surgery on Sept. 7, 2017 went well and for a change, I didn’t get extremely sick on the anesthesia and was able to go home the same day, which is a contrast from most of my other “outpatient” surgeries, where I ended up being admitted because I couldn’t get it together after the anesthesia.

I hit my one year breast cancer free on Oct. 12th and things are going well. I still follow up with my oncologist every 3 months to make sure that my cancer is still in remission. The first few appointments had me extremely anxious, but I’m coping better when I look at my calendar and see my cancer screening check-up. I’ll always have some anxiety when going to these appointments because there is still a possibility, albeit quite small since I had the double mastectomy, that the cancer could come back, but I’m dealing with it much better.

I celebrated my 37th birthday on November 5th, and feel so blessed to be living life cancer free.

Of course the holidays came and went and all is still going well.

It’s crazy to think back to how my life was just two short years ago … It was just before getting diagnosed with breast cancer, I was a workaholic, I never made time for family or friends, and I surely never made time for a relationship. I was often bitter and frustrated and completely stressed out.

My cancer diagnosis, surgeries, and chemo completely changed who I am as a person; getting the news that I had a deadly disease, losing my breasts, almost five months of chemo and being in constant pain, and six surgeries really made me look at how I prioritized and chose to live my life and I vowed that I wouldn’t become that person again. Of course I work hard; I love my career and it’s my livelihood … BUT I now work to live, not live to work.

I’ve grown closer with some family members and friends, and left some friends behind. I’ve been in an amazing relationship for almost seven months and he is so supportive and wonderful to me and never makes me feel subconscious about my “new body” or some of the lingering side effects from the chemo, or the multiple medical appointments or follow ups; and I’m just about to celebrate three years at my firm and just got a pay raise and some extra opportunities that I’ve been asking for.

I am doing my best to make this second chance worth it! I don’t want to sit in my house or at my office and consume myself with work, pushing people away and never just stopping to smell the roses … Now, I am enjoying life, living, and epitomizing what it means to be a SURVIVOR.

I started this blog a long time ago to talk about breast cancer, chemo, and life post breast cancer … but I’ve been so busy living life that I got away from writing and sharing, and now that it’s a new year … I want to get back to sharing my experience and use this forum to talk about what’s happening in my life post cancer. Writing is my great escape … and if someone can learn from my experience … then all the better.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season I look forward to continuing to share my stories and connecting with you!

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