My name is Dana and I am a 36 year old breast cancer survivor. I am also a single mom of an 11 year old son, Aiden, and a sassy 3 year old German Shepherd-Corgi mix named Pretty. I am  a U.S. Navy veteran, a professional, a volunteer, and now advocate of early detection and support for all breast cancer warriors and survivors – especially younger women, as our challenges are unique in that we may have to/had to battle this disease with small children at home, be married or dating, etc.

I didn’t have a big support network when I went through this horrible disease and I’m making it my mission in life to be there for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to yell at or someone to ask, “This weird thing happened after my last chemo treatment … is it normal?”

This forum is for all breast cancer patients, survivors, friends, family members and anyone who wants to learn and share their experiences.

I wanted a place to speak freely about my diagnosis, the disease, treatment, being a survivor, being a family member or friend of someone who is fighting this diseases, and just a forum to discuss my feelings and thoughts.

I hope to share stories, laugh, cry, gain and give encouragement, meet new friends, educate, support, love,  and get through this fight together.