It Finally Happened … My Eyebrows and Eyelashes Are Gone

This final round of chemo has been an absolute beast. Reducing my last chemo dosage and the two days of fluid hasn’t helped at all. I hurt all over. It’s been hard to walk because my bones hurt so bad and the nausea … oh the nausea. It’s been months of nausea and I cannot … Continue reading It Finally Happened … My Eyebrows and Eyelashes Are Gone

Chemo #6 – My Final Chemo

Today was the day! It was my LAST round of chemo! I am feeling very sick and don’t feel like typing too much but I wanted to make sure I documented the pictures from my last treatment. Today …. I GRADUATED from chemotherapy!  I have earned three college diplomas and those certificates felt good … … Continue reading Chemo #6 – My Final Chemo

Chemo #5

Well, things have gone horribly. I am so sick and so weak. It’s getting harder and harder for me to function and with each round of chemo it’s taken me so much longer to recover. It has gotten so bad that my mom has decided to come back out from Kansas for a few weeks … Continue reading Chemo #5

Chemo #3

I had my third chemo treatment today … I always work hard to put on a cute outfit and scarf and do my make-up. I am still having a really hard time with the chemo. After my first treatment, I was only sick for about 4 days, after this second treatment, I was sick for … Continue reading Chemo #3

Chemo Treatment #2

Today was my second chemo treatment. One of my good friends brought me and we stopped at Ihop for breakfast. I have been struggling to eat, everything still tastes like metal – especially beverages – but I can sort of taste the food and enjoyed (as much as I could) some pancakes and eggs. We … Continue reading Chemo Treatment #2

I Lost My Hair Today

It’s not like I didn’t know my hair was going to fall out … I just didn’t expect it to happen so fast – and all at once. I’ve only had one chemo treatment and it literally has only been three days since my hair started to fall out. Now … it’s gone. My hair … Continue reading I Lost My Hair Today

After My First Chemo, I’m So Overwhelmed

It’s been two weeks since my first chemo treatment on June 9, 2016- a lovely concoction called  Docetaxel + Doxorubicin + Cyclophosphamide (TAC). All this is finally becoming real … and I’m not ready.  Not that it wasn’t real before. Trust me, I went from a 40DD bosom to not having any breasts, four surgeries, … Continue reading After My First Chemo, I’m So Overwhelmed