My Final Surgery

Tomorrow, September 7, 2017 I'm having my final breast surgery. I'm excited and extremely nervous at the same time. Tomorrow, my surgeon is removing the temporary breast tissue expanders and inserting the permanent silicone implants. It's been a hell of a ride since getting the call to come in for a follow up mammogram back … Continue reading My Final Surgery

Nine-Month Cancer Screening

I went in yesterday for my 9-month cancer check-up with my oncologist. For the past week I was on pins and needles – and my anxiety level was through the roof. As any breast cancer survivor will probably tell you – we all live with the constant fear of the cancer coming back. We have … Continue reading Nine-Month Cancer Screening

I Was Mad at God

Even though it was almost a year ago, I remember it like it was yesterday … I had just come home to Maryland from a nice two-week vacation visiting my family and friends in Kansas for the holidays and I was ready to get back to my crazy busy life. It was January so that … Continue reading I Was Mad at God

It Finally Happened … My Eyebrows and Eyelashes Are Gone

This final round of chemo has been an absolute beast. Reducing my last chemo dosage and the two days of fluid hasn’t helped at all. I hurt all over. It’s been hard to walk because my bones hurt so bad and the nausea … oh the nausea. It’s been months of nausea and I cannot … Continue reading It Finally Happened … My Eyebrows and Eyelashes Are Gone

Chemo #6 – My Final Chemo

Today was the day! It was my LAST round of chemo! I am feeling very sick and don’t feel like typing too much but I wanted to make sure I documented the pictures from my last treatment. Today …. I GRADUATED from chemotherapy!  I have earned three college diplomas and those certificates felt good … … Continue reading Chemo #6 – My Final Chemo

Chemo #5

Well, things have gone horribly. I am so sick and so weak. It’s getting harder and harder for me to function and with each round of chemo it’s taken me so much longer to recover. It has gotten so bad that my mom has decided to come back out from Kansas for a few weeks … Continue reading Chemo #5

Chemo #4

I had my fourth chemo treatment today … I am halfway done and after today I only have 2 treatments left! The nausea is continuing to get worse and I’m realizing that by day 3 after chemo, I am absolutely miserable. I have my chemo treatments on Thursday, I come in on Friday’s for 4-5 … Continue reading Chemo #4