Meeting My Breast Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon

Finally, almost a month after my breast cancer diagnosis, I got to meet with my new breast surgeon and plastic surgeon today! First, I met with the plastic surgeon. He’s a very bright and knowledgeable surgeon.  We decided that my best option for delayed-immediate breast reconstruction was tissue expanders. So, basically, my plastic surgeon will place … Continue reading Meeting My Breast Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon

Meeting with Breast Surgeon #1

I met with a breast surgeon, she was very friendly and knowledgeable and I really liked her. She explained to me my options: Lumpectomy: I could have an outpatient surgery where they would remove the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue then I would have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. Unilateral Mastectomy:  This would be … Continue reading Meeting with Breast Surgeon #1

Meeting My Oncologist

The breast surgeon recommended an oncologist and he squeezed me in at 5:30 a.m. on Feb. 19 - the day after my diagnosis.  I immediately liked him because he was willing to go into the office early – before it even opened – to see me. I had a restless night of sleep and was up … Continue reading Meeting My Oncologist