Nine-Month Cancer Screening

I went in yesterday for my 9-month cancer check-up with my oncologist. For the past week I was on pins and needles – and my anxiety level was through the roof. As any breast cancer survivor will probably tell you – we all live with the constant fear of the cancer coming back. We have … Continue reading Nine-Month Cancer Screening

Chemo #3

I had my third chemo treatment today … I always work hard to put on a cute outfit and scarf and do my make-up. I am still having a really hard time with the chemo. After my first treatment, I was only sick for about 4 days, after this second treatment, I was sick for … Continue reading Chemo #3

A Night in The Emergency Room

Last night was the absolute worst! After an extra day in the hospital, I finally got to go home Friday night. I was still in pretty bad pain, but I was walking on my own and it didn’t hurt (as bad) to breathe.Well, that was short lived. As Saturday day went into evening, I got … Continue reading A Night in The Emergency Room